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About Us

Denestech Ltd is all about technical excellence. We're not the kind of company that has a hand in everything, we do denesting and immediate handling of de-nestable products and nothing else, maintaining a tight focus on providing the best equipment and services in the business.

We are committed to providing our customers with reliable and robust solutions. Our business is not only about sales figures and profit. It is our goal to offer an unsurpassed level of technical excellence and fairness in business that will assure our customers continue to rely on us for solutions to today's and tomorrows projects.

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Experience and Expertise

Denestech Ltd is not short on experience and our expertise in the field of Denesting is second to none. Formed in 2007 by Derek Burns, who was formerly the chief design engineer of Freeze Pack machinery of Guildford, Surrey. Denestech Ltd was formed prior to the wind down and closure of Freeze Pack in 2008. Derek is probably one of the most seasoned design engineers in the UK when it comes to the field of Pick & Place Machinery and Venturi System Denesters, with over 20 years experience in Tray Denesting design and manufacturing as well as a highly successful track record of quality and performance systems designed and installed to date. Combined with other senior staff members at Denestech, we have more than 60 years experience in design of machinery and specialised equipment.


At Denestech, quality comes as standard. We source all of our proprietary components from leading brand mainstream manufacturers, such as Schneider Electric, B & R, Festo, SMC, Siemens, or Allen Bradley. we only ever use quality components throughout our range of machines. All our in-house components are produced in stainless steel, are manufactured here in the UK to exacting standards and are finished by a combination of electro-polishing, satin grain, micro-bead blasting or hand polishing.

Fair Pricing

We are able to offer fair and competitive pricing to our customers. We do this not by compromising the quality of our equipment or reducing our level of service, but by striving to be as efficient as possible in all our operations, and sharing the benefits of this high level of efficiency with our customers. We have a policy of working smart, investing in the best tools and equipment and reducing waste. This behaviour is complimented by designing and manufacturing leading products that themselves are efficient to produce.

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