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How may we be of service?

When you purchase a Denestech machine, you not only get a machine, but you get a guaranteed solution.
Right from the initial enquiry, we ensure that any Denestech machinery will offer the customer true value. This means real life cost savings and true returns on the investment made. We always make a thorough evaluation of our customers applications and recommend the most suitable course of action. We carry out our business with honesty and integrity at all times.

Let us show you YOUR products working

Send us details of your trays, lids etc. and provide us with samples for our complete evaluation.

At our works

Visit us at our premises and allow us to provide you with a demonstration and show you our equipment and processes first hand.

At your own premises

In many circumstances, we are able to bring our machinery directly to you for demonstration on your own premises.

By web cam

Take full advantage of video conferencing and see your products being de-nested in real time through our workshop webcam.

By video

Let us make a video demonstration of your products. We are able to create DVD video for delivery by post or else create a more compact format for electronic delivery.

 Denesting into a flow-wrapper

Contact us now without obligation, to discuss any potential requirements you may have.

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