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Our Environmental PolicyPlastics Granulator

Denestech Environmental PolicyDenestech Ltd understand that our operations and products have both a positive and negative impact on the environment. We're fully committed to minimising the pollution and any harmful effects of our actions and products wherever practicable. This commitment is reflected in our policies which seek to make the most effective and efficient use of all resources, the modification of our service vehicle to use 100% Biodiesel (even during winter), our committed use of Biofuels, Bluemotion efficiency in our vehicles and our policy of recycling sample and waste products. It is also our aim to procure goods and services through suppliers and contractors whose environmental practices correspond with our own.

Recycling of waste sample products

In order to deal efficiently with recycling of sample products accumulated during the process of enquiries orders and trials, we are equipped with a GETECHA scissor-cut plastics granulator. At the point the items no longer have a useful purpose, plastic materials that are supplied to us are categorised, reduced to granules and passed on for direct recycling.

Plastic trays granulated for recycling

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