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Our Products

All Denestech machines are designed and manufactured at our works in Ash, Surrey UK.

Our broad range of machinery and equipment enables us to offer the most suitable solution for the task in hand. Although their capabilities overlap in many areas, each type of equipment offers specific areas of strength that may just be the essential ingredient to ensure your project reaches its maximum potential.

All our machines are designed with flexibility as a strength. Our ServoFlow, TrayFlow and RotaFlow ranges of machinery are not only modular in design, but only ever use direct drive servo control, which enables us to provide highly versatile mechatronic motion without the rigid mechanical lack of flexibility that comes with the pneumatic driven systems offered by many of our competitors. Because the positioning and speed of our motion system is controlled digitally instead of mechanically, our equipment responds faster and smoother with more controlled, repeatable behaviour. This also means that our machines may have multiple, selectable profiles (recipes) without the need for any mechanical changes, which is not only ideal for multiple products, but means that we are able to exhaust the machines potential in each application without affecting it's baseline consistency on existing proven set-up.

TrayFlow Tray Denester

ServoFlow Pick & Place Denester

RotaFlow Epicyclic Pick & Place Denester

RotoPick Pick & Place

HeliFeed Vertical Denester

AutoStack Re-Stacking System

Auxiliary Products

Using existing designs, we custom manufacture a range of products which are complimentary to our denesting and Pick & Place equipment.

Denesters - Pick and Place Machines - Pot droppers - Foil Placers and Dispensers - Card Placers
Complete De-nesting solutions for today's requirements of environmentally friendly packaging products