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RotoPick Pick and Place Denester / Lid Applicator

The RotoPick Tray and Lid Denester is able to pick 'push on' or 'snap on' lids from its magazine and place directly on to containers achieving full closure in a single action, with no requirement for additional pressing devices. Designed in conjunction with leading container manufacturers we have developed attachments for 'burping' containers immediately prior to sealing of the lid.

Because of its robust construction and carefully developed geometry, the RotoPick is able to offer greater 'push and pull' forces than other types of pick and place Denester, effectively operating as a self loading press.

Denestech RotoPick Pick and Place Denester

RotoPick Pick and Place Lid Applicator (with container positioning attachments)

Available in 3 standard size formats, the machine is suitable for many different types of project such as Lid Application, Tray/Cup Denesting, Counting, Product Loading and Component Assembly.
Already a small footprint machine with integral guards, however can be supplied in formats suitable for attachment to OEM equipment. Can be supplied with various gripper types to suit the application.

When used in conjunction with inbuilt guide and stopper attachments will apply lids directly even when containers are on a continuously moving conveyor.

Action: The RotoPick Pick Denester will pick products from an inclined magazine and place vertically.

Motive Power: Linear pneumatic / Roto-pneumatic actuator.

RotoPick Mini Pick and Place Denester

RotoPick Miniature Pick and Place

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