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ServoFlow Pick & Place Denester

Whether your application requires high speed, up to 80 cycles per minute, per lane, or is a more balanced speed, the highly versatile ServoFlow range of Pick & Place machines will guarantee smooth, controlled and accurate placement of your products, whether Tray Denesting or direct lid placement.

As a member of the Denestech 'Flow' family of products, the ServoFlow uses a proven and rationalised control system as is used in its sister machines, the TrayFlow and RotaFlow.

Denestech ServoFlow 500

ServoFlow 500, 2 lane with digital adjusting magazine (control system centre in frame)

Action: The ServoFlow Denester will pick products from an inclined magazine and place vertically.

Motive Power: Direct-drive synchronous servomotor.

Available magazine configurations: 1M or 1.5M Gravity Feed, 2.5M and 3M Conveying Magazine options

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