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Our specialist knowledge and experience in our field is invaluable when it comes down to maximising efficiency in a production environment. On-site servicing and commissioning are always carried out by our own engineers who are trained and equipped to deal with every aspect of the machinery. We never underestimate the importance of having the right tools, the right skills and the right attitude to fully support our customers needs.

Preventive MaintenanceDenestech Service Vehicle

Many of our established customers will know that Preventive Maintenance is the key to maximising the life and efficiency of electro-mechanical equipment. In cases where our customers already have their own support network, we give necessary specialist training to engineers and provide detailed PM documentation ready for direct insertion in to maintenance management software as well as hard copied documents for engineering personnel to keep to hand. In all cases we offer our full support to ensure that our customers have the required resources to effectively maintain and service the machinery themselves, or are covered by a Denestech maintenance contract.

Maintenance Contracts

We offer very competitive nationwide maintenance contracts which cater for general preventive maintenance as well as emergency breakdown assistance.


All commissioning is performed by our own engineers, although for simple applications it is often unnecessary, particularly when the machines are supplied to OEMs. During any commissioning visit, the interface with any other equipment is completed and the machines are optimally configured, taking into consideration any environmental variables or special requirements. Basic operator training and briefing of engineering staff is also provided. Before leaving the customers premises, our engineers will supervise the equipment operating in the full production environment for a number of hours and be on hand to answer any questions or highlight any potential issues which may be presented. Commissioning is finalised with the presentation of a formal service report.

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