About Us

Denestech Ltd is all about technical excellence. We're not the kind of company that has a hand in everything, we do denesting and immediate handling of de-nestable products and nothing else, maintaining a tight focus on providing the best equipment and services in the business.

Experience and Expertise

Denestech Ltd is not short on experience and our expertise in the field of Denesting is second to none. Formed in 2007 by Derek Burns, who was formerly the chief design engineer of Freeze Pack machinery of Guildford, Surrey. Denestech Ltd was formed prior to the wind down and closure of Freeze Pack in 2008. Derek is probably one of the most seasoned design engineers in the UK when it comes to the field of Pick & Place Machinery and Venturi System Denesters, with 30 years experience in Tray Denesting design and manufacturing as well as a highly successful track record of quality and performance systems designed and installed to date