TrayFlow Tray Denester

For Denesting of a diverse range of trays and containers without vacuum cup or gripper contact.

Extremely high speed Denesting performance with reliable single lane capabilities of up to a whopping 150 trays per minute, per magazine lane, although will perform equally well at rates as slow as 12 cycles per minute. These electronic Denesting machines are very robust and versatile, with a minimum amount of moving components. Easily handles fragile, lightweight trays at high speed without damage, and equally capable with almost any tray type.

As a member of the Denestech 'Flow' family of products, the TrayFlow uses a proven and rationalised control system as is used in its sister machines, the ServoFlow and RotaFlow.

Action: The TrayFlow Denester will Denest products from an inclined magazine and dispense horizontally.

Motive Power: Direct-drive synchronous servomotor.

  • Denests both rigid and non-rigid trays very reliably.
  • Trays dispensed horizontally
  • Handle a diverse range of trays on a single machine with minimal tooling
  • Direct servo driven for minimum maintenance, maximum efficiency
  • Multi-recipe electronic machine
  • Single or multi-lane
  • Compact footprint
  • Suitable for extremely harsh environments
  • No consumables
  • Tool-free strip-down for easy cleaning

Denesting of:

  • Trays
  • Clam-shells
  • Tubs
  • Cups

Available magazine configurations: 1M or 1.5M Gravity Feed, 2.5M and 3M Conveying Magazine options

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