HeliFeed Vertical Denester

The HeliFeed Vertical Denester will de-nest Pots, Tubs and rigid Trays at rates of up to 85 cycles per minute, per magazine.

Products are positively denested (driven apart vertically) and can be synchronised into a platen or flighted conveyor or denested at a preset rate on to a flat belt as required. The modular design enables multiple sized and shape products to be used on the same Denester and can be arranged as a single or multi lane system.

Supplied with a mounting frame/stand or brackets for direct mounting to existing machinery.

The simplicity of this system allows the potential for a various control methods.

Action: Products are denested from a vertical stack and once separated, fall vertically under gravity.

Motive Power: Roto-pneumatic actuator.

  • Extremely Compact Footprint
  • Modular Design
  • High Accuracy
  • Medium/high speed
  • Positive Force Denesting
  • Standard or Automatic Loading Magazine types

Denesting of:

  • Rigid Pots/Tubs
  • Semi-Rigid Pots/Tubs
  • Flanged Trays with uniformed spacing.
  • Smooth wall Foil Trays

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